The Future of Temple Academy

Next 3 year goals at the end of the third year we will project another 3 years.

School Year 2017/2018

School Year 2018/2019

• Continue the growth of our school by heavy marketing plus leveraging ministry partners.
• We realize we cannot do that without adding staff and modular classrooms.
• We will continue to expand as the need arises.
• We will examine the yearly discounted amount as enrollment arises
• We do not have a maximum number of staff or member discounts. We firmly believe that if we take good care of our people they will take good care of us.
• Look at endowment funding and grants.

School Year 2019/2020

• Continue the previous steps in the past years.
• Take a serious look at endowment funding.
• Leverage the credentials of additional staff to entice additional enrollment.